Privacy Policy Terms For Website Social Media Policy Act on specified
commercial transactions

NOBORIOJI HOTEL NARA (hereinafter referred to as "the Hotel") stipulates the following for the operation of the Hotel's official accounts on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.).

1. Management policy

The Hotel shall operate official accounts to disseminate information about the Hotel's products/services and promotions, etc.

2. Applicable objects

This Policy applies to the Hotel's official accounts and the people (hereinafter referred to as users) who view/use the official accounts. Moreover, users who viewed/used the official accounts are deemed to have agreed to this Policy.

3. Prohibitions

The following conducts towards the official accounts are prohibited. Posts/comments that fall under prohibited conduct may be deleted depending on the Hotel's judgment, and the concerned user's account may be blocked. The concerned user will not be notified in that case.

  • 1)Conducts that hinder the operation of an official account;
  • 2)Conducts that contradict laws and ordinances, and public standards of decency;
  • 3)Conducts that violate the human rights or privacy of users and the Hotel's employees;
  • 4)Conducts that infringe on trademark rights or copyrights of other people or the Hotel; or
  • 5)Other conducts that the Hotel deems inappropriate.

4. Disclaimers

  • 1)The operation of official accounts may modify contents or end operation without prior notice. Moreover, after the content has been changed, only the content displayed after the change is valid, while the content before the change is void.
  • 2)The Hotel shall not be liable for any damage/losses whatsoever incurred by the user upon the modification or end of operations of official accounts, or such other uses of the official accounts.
  • 3)The Hotel does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of the information provided on the official accounts.

5. About basis laws
and jurisdiction

This Policy conforms to Japanese law and shall be interpreted and applied accordingly. Moreover, The Nara Summary Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first hearing for disputes that occur through social media.

6. About inquiries
and responses

As a general rule, we do not respond to inquiries and responses on social media.