This page contains the Terms of Use for the "NOBORIOJI HOTEL NARA Website."
Please be sure to read this when using the "NOBORIOJI HOTEL NARA Website" (all varieties of reservations, inquiries, application programs and email sending programs are hereinafter referred to collectively as "this Website"). All users of the system are deemed to have agreed to the Terms. When using this website, please be sure to read the following Terms of Use while confirming the Hotel's personal information protection policy.

1. Basic conditions

  • ・When using this Website, users are obliged to adhere to the general manners, morals, and technical rules of internet usage.
  • ・We strictly prohibit the use of this Website for commercial purposes.

2. About influences
mainly caused by
the user's usage environment

This Website is geared towards users with the appropriate internet connectivity settings, display text (Japanese display), email settings, etc. The Hotel shall not be liable whatsoever for the result of users operating this Website without meeting the said conditions or the influences caused by such. Moreover, please note that this Website may not operate properly even if the said conditions were met, due to causes outside the Hotel's control, such as all environment settings in the user's computer.

3. About changes
in the contents
of the services

This Website's operation and contents may change without prior notice to users should the Hotel deem it necessary. Moreover, after the content has been changed, only the content displayed after the change is valid, while the content before the change is void.

4. Suspension of usage

The Hotel may suspend the use of this Website without prior notice to or consent from users for any of the following cases:

  • ・This Website's maintenance
  • ・If operation is deemed impossible due to the occurrence of a natural disaster, system failure, or other such abnormal situations
  • ・If the Hotel deems it necessary to suspend the usage of this Website due to its management or other such reasons

5. Copyright

As a rule, the copyright of all information posted on this Website is attributed to Noborioji Hotel, Ltd. Reposting information posted on this Website is prohibited, except with the Company's written consent.

6. Security measures

  • ・To avoid illegal access to users' personal information or the loss/destruction/manipulation/leakage of personal information, we take appropriate safety measures from both the management/operation side and the system side.
  • ・On this Website, the exchange of personal information to and from the user via the internet is encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure security.
  • ・In order to improve user-friendliness and services, this Website records access logs. The information recorded includes access dates and times, pages accessed, domain names, IP addresses, types of browsers used, etc., but does not include information identifying individual users. The Hotel shall use the said information only for statistical analysis of the usage of this Website and not for any other purposes. When recording access logs, we use cookies supported by the access analysis software used by our Hotel.
  • ・Regarding cookies
    This Website uses cookies, which are files or data saved on the hard disk or memory of a user's computer (or any other internet-connected device such as a smartphone or tablet) upon accessing the Website. The Hotel uses cookies for statistics related to this Website's usage or for advertisement and shall not use them to identify individual users.
  • You can also disable the cookie function by modifying your web-browsing software (browser) settings. Please note that a part of this Website's services may become unusable in such a case. Moreover, if a user has cookies enabled while accessing this Website, the user is deemed to have agreed that the Hotel will use, etc. the information that the user has used this Website.

7. Users' responsibility

  • ・When using this Website, the user shall be liable for the result of all conducts personally done by the user, and conducts done via their email account regardless of whether or not it is done by the user themselves or done in error, except for cases due to the Hotel's negligence.
  • ・Should a user cause damage/loss to another user when using this Website, both parties shall be liable in resolving disputes.
  • ・Should a user cause damage/loss to the Hotel through any of the following conducts, the Hotel shall be entitled to demand compensation for all damages incurred.
  • 1)If this Terms of Use is violated;
  • 2)If a harmful computer program is sent or posted;
  • 3)If the Website is trespassed and destroyed by rewriting;
  • 4)If a third party's information is sent or posted without their consent;
  • 5)If this Website is used outside its intended purpose without notice to the Company; or
  • 6)If other conducts that violate laws and ordinances are done.

8. Disclaimers

  • ・While we give meticulous attention to the information written on this Website, the Hotel does not guarantee its completeness. Contents related to the operations of the Hotel are all prioritized by their currency.
  • ・Even if the user were to incur any losses whatsoever when using this Website, the Hotel shall not be held liable.
  • ・Even if this Website's services were suspended due to its maintenance work, system failure, or any other such reasons and result in the user incurring inconvenience or damage/loss, the Hotel shall not be held liable.

9. Linking to
this Website

If you would like to link to this Website, kindly contact NOBORIOJI HOTEL NARA. However, note that we decline linking from personal sites as a general rule.

10. Disclaimer for
link destinations

To supplement the information provided, links to the websites of other companies or organizations are sometimes posted on this Website. Each linked website is managed under their liability, and the Hotel cannot be liable for those contents. Moreover, the Hotel shall also not be liable whatsoever for the collection and handling of personal information on linked websites. Please use them at your discretion.

11. Viewing/modifying/
deleting personal
information, and
unsubscribing from
the email newsletter

Of the information inputted into this booking site and used to identify the user, to view / modify / unsubscribe from the email newsletter / delete information on the booking site managed by the Hotel, please access the "view / modify / unsubscribe from email newsletter / delete recorded information" page directly on the booking site and view/modify/delete/unsubscribe using the prescribed method.

12. Validity of the Terms

These Terms have been valid since July 1, 2018 (Japan Standard Time).
Moreover, the Hotel reserves the right to revise and change these Terms depending on changes in the socioeconomic situation and circumstances.